Rough Draft the Vision


SPARK is an intimate platform. It's a journal and (ether)connection between creatives to share and uplift one another.

“Journals are like mirrors, they reflect your inner ambitions, subconscious thoughts and history.” ~ Jarrell Hamilton, #SPARK

The intimate act of journaling for me has become a personal mirror, mentor and accountability partner. There is a sacred text that says write the vision down and make it plain so that they who readeth may run with it. When I write down the vision for my day-to-day work week or even my 5-year goals, the journal reflects to me what I declared I set out to do. I learned having a vision is not enough, writing it down is the initial step.

GO FOR IT! Whatever the vision may be. The vision may change, the vision may stay the same, the first step is to WRITE IT DOWN. Our vision and goals are worthless if we don’t put the pen to paper. The first ACTION STEP. And then, make it plain to SEE and to put those words into action.

In school we were required to journal what we learned in all our dance classes. At the time, I hated it. In hindsight those journals were establishing a VALUABLE ritual I still practice today. Thanks to Miguel Lopez and Jan Miller, journaling developed in my adult life the act of tracking my progress. It reflected my process.

Journaling is a toolbox to show the ebbs and flows of one’s artistic process and progress.

“What you are getting yourself into in this industry is a marathon, not a RACE!”

~ Terry McNeal Del Corral Talent Agency, #SPARK

Perhaps YOUR goal is to go on tour with Beyoncé, become a national and international performer, choreographer? Or maybe not? Maybe the tale of OUR journey takes an unexpected twist. The point of this journal is not whether you/me/we win or fail in this industry, but to keep pursuing, keep growing and level up for your own personal GROWTH.

In the meantime…may all our lights continue to shine. Until our paths cross again... Stay tuned!       

Creative Corner: 

Set 3 goals for the next 3 months! At the end of the three months refer to your journal and TREAT YOURSELF for what you accomplished. For the incomplete goal(s), re-calibrate or shift those goals to the next round of three month goals and KEEP GOING!  

*Sparkle Memory My ballet teacher once told me if you want to track your progress in dance class you have to track it in three (3) month increments. If you miss class, you have to add a week of makeup classes to make up for that one day, so don’t skip a day. Most researchers argue, it takes about 30 days to shift a bad habit . In three months one can see if the what they set out to do is working or if the method/goals need to change.

The more we set goals the more CLEAR we become about our goals. Be sure you're SMART goals are all aligned with your 5 year plan. Remember everything you set out to do should be in direct alignment with your mission in life. Stay focused.


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