Catch Dat Beat

When you‘re immersed in the calling of your passion, you become a slave to it’s rhythm. Your internal algorithm becomes this timeless, personal, maturation process. Some discover it early in life and others “catch dat beat” later in their life. Nonetheless, the rhythm has always and will always be there. As we continue to tune in to our own rhythm and for me, delving deeper into my identity as a MOTHER and CREATIVE, the more we abandon the external, illusionary highs. To become in sync with the internal rhythm is like giving in to your favorite jam. Once you settle into the impulse of that rhythm, it takes over NATURALLY. Whether you’re on the beat with others or not, doesn’t matter. Your too caught up in your own divine dance!

When we find ourselves entrenched in the rhythm of life’s dance of what feels like a deep calling there is…

  1. A Clear STRIDE

  2. A Mental HIGH

  3. Strength of CHARACTER- GRIT


One thing is VERY CLEAR about a New Orleans dancer, when you HEAR… DAT… BEAT………you Catch DAT BEAT! NO PAUSE. NO RHYHM or REASON WHY? SOMETIMES you don’t even have room to think, you just DO! Similar to when you sync up with the rhythm of your life’s purpose. We let go of all logic (sometimes) and the things that don’t align with who we truly are. At a certain point in your life you become intentional, not arrogant, but intentional about your walk. Oprah said it best, “ she became full of herself,” in her interview at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Did she disappoint some folks along her paths, I’m sure. Do most people even understand the greater calling of your path? Most likely, NO! Her being full of herself, was more about her being CLEAR about her STRIDE and refusing to let the external highs label that for her.

“Let NOTHING break the rhythm of your stride.” ~ Jarrell Hamilton

Mental High = Mental Tuffness

Our mental capacity expands when we find our stride. It’s almost supernatural when you are deep in your purpose. You kick into this “second high”- the first high was when you found your rhythm. The thing about expanding your mental capacity to reach this high is first about crossing the threshold of comfort….MOVING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. We heard it time and time again, nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. It is at the point of discomfort where we expand beyond what WE THOUGHT was our limit. I’m here to tell you THERE IS MORE!

“The sky is not the limit…there is still SPACE.” ~ Jarrell Hamilton

Truly! When we delve into the rhythm of that second high/dimension/breadth of who we are, not only do you develop a mental tuffness of steel, but you break thru what you thought was going to break your rhythm and ultimately you GROW!


Your growth will then begin to allow you to settle into your truth and TRUST that rhythm. #thegiftwillmakeroomforyou

Why? Because you’ve come in contact with “growth," and how that rhythm is taking you into an even greater mental high- physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and creatively! When you catch DAT beat, you simultaneously develop GRIT!

Stay tuned…


Jarrell Hamilton