What are GROWING pains? The feeling you encounter when you feel stifled by the familiar. A state of KNOWING there’s more on the inside of you, but uncertain of how to press forward past the threshold of your past identity.

#1 Curiosity

Are you curious? The #1 sign that it's time to move forward and grow is when you become curious. There was once a phrase coined curiosity killed the cat. I denounce that notion and argue that curiosity did not kill the cat, IT ENLIGHTEN THE CAT. In this case, the curiosity had to do with moving outside of your comfort zone.

# 2 FEAR

FEAR. If there is a hint of fear about your curiosity then thats the right move. Comfort is convenient. Comfort settles. Comfort is peace of mind. Does COMFORT = GROWTH?

My daughter and niece exploring the playground one day moved past the point of safety and in the area outside of the comfort of my good graces. After several attempts to bound them, I realized something…they had no desire to be bound! Why? Their wired to explore and be curious about everything. Their instincts cultivates the idea to be curious, move outside of their comfort zone and GROW. What struck my fright 7 yards away from sight (sitting on my tail), was their flight to freedom.

#3 You can't shake the nudge.

Your CURIOUS. Your afraid. You can't sleep. You know there’s MORE. You have a VISION, but it hasn't come to past yet. You want to jump off the porch, but ya' people need you, better yet you need to stay in their comfort zone. The nudge to explore the rest of the playground is your new appetite and YOU crave the new terraine!

Nike that thing...

Just DO IT!

Move. Rough Draft the Vision. Start the business. Introduce yourself to that mentor. Apply for that position. Audition for that show. Get some NEW friends. Move 20 inches to the left. Move 50 miles from home. Do the work it takes to get a raise. Ask for a raise. Start your own business. Eat at a new restaurant. Don't eat out at the same restaurant. Don't eat the same thing at the same restaurant. Try something new. Learn something new. BE curious. Move outside your comfort zone.

Jarrell Hamilton