ReClaim Your Time

Remember …

“What you are getting yourself into in this industry is a marathon, not a RACE!”

~ Terry McNeal Del Corral Talent Agency

Let’s face it, when the going gets tough in the field we often want to microwave the situation, so we can immediately reap the benefits of our hard-work and energy. Even worse you begin to compare your progress to another person’s progress when the journey to being the best creative version of you is exclusive. PUT ON YOUR BLINDERS! At times along the journey you get tired, you begin to feel unappreciated and you wonder if your stride is in vain, so you want to skip a step and claim the prize. Don’t! 

Tip # 1  Delayed Gratification

Remember the Tortoise and Hare story. To REFRESH your memory the story is about a super fast rabbit (the hare) and a slow and steady (the tortoise). The hare bragged so much about his speedy ability that the tortoise challenged him to a race. Long story short, the hare lost and the tortoise won. How so? Slow and steady wins the race. Delayed gratification sets the pace. In a society where everything is so “insta-“ this and instant that, you wonder if your growing as an artist/ performer or yet keeping up. You often wonder how do I keep up in the industry, when the individual race on the inside of you tugs you at a slower pace. 

“Slow and steady wins the race. Delayed gratification sets the pace.” ~ Jarrell Hamilton

Tip #2 Timing

Ponder this, pace is all about timing (as once told to me by a wise director). When you pace, you unlock moments, develop skills and open yourself up to new knowledge when you saturate yourself in each stride of your personal walk and artistic walk from moment to moment. When you as a creative athlete cheat in your craft, you deprive yourself the necessary muscles that will strengthen your potential and prepare you for the person your going to become. You gain from SIMPLY working hard and doing the WORK! Through and through. Don’t skip a STEP! 

When you pace yourself you…

  • Unlock sense of purpose artistically

  • Develop character

  • Gain Insight 

Tip #3 Fall in love with the work

The best advice my Joffrey ballet teacher could have ever shared with me and my friends about what to expect as a performer in this industry was that we can guarantee to be tired, sore and broke. I certainly didn't agree with the broke part, but the work load left an impression on me, and one that I was willing to deal with or run away from. In knowing that is was part of the deal, I decided to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE WORK and understand that society’s timing is relative to the Creator’s timing. So, what’s the rush?

“Fall in love with the work.” ~ Jarrell Hamilton 

Lagniappe Moment:

Ready? Set? Times up! Huh? That feeling when your getting ready to embark on something new, strengthen your performance level or you’ve been working on a project for a while, but haven't met the demands of society’s timing. Relax. Reset and KNOW that time is relative and your personal time clock is exclusive. More importantly, oven baked food is always much healthier than zapped microwave food, so don’t trip. Take your time. Move at your own pace. When the time is right and your soul food is thoroughly baked…TING…your OPPurtunity is READy for YOU! #SPARK

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